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Our Story

The year was 2008. He had a lip ring and a beard. She was the quiet new girl. They met. They became friends. They became best friends. He drove her to work. She vented to him about life. He dated people. She dated people. They stayed friends. He told her of his intrest for her. She said she wanted to stay just friends. They grew apart. He kept his distance. She missed their friendship. She liked him. A lot. He had given up hope of ever being more than friends. One day, she realized she wanted more.

They dated. They made so many memories. They moved in together. They fought, smiled, cried, and laughed. They shared all their secrets. They accepted each other's past. They loved each other's flaws. They grew an unbreakable bond. They fell in love. Life finally felt safe and normal. He asked. She said yes.

I can't believe I found you. You are my happy place.


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